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Ménage à 3

by Jason Stotts

I just got done reading a really great webcomic called Ménage à 3 and I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a comic more!  It’s funny, sexy, and has a really playful and fun tone.  I recommend you go and check it out!

Also, I kind of wish I had roommates like Zii and Didi.

I hope the artists don’t mind, but here’s a small taste of the goodness:

Assorted News

by Jason Stotts

1. A new law designed to prevent rabbis from fellating infants who they have just mutilated and potentially giving them herpes  might be taking effect soon in New York City.  The rabbis protest that it is their “freedom of religion” to fellate these young boys they’ve just mutilated.  I think that freedom of religion stops at the point where it involves mutilation of the human body, including both male and female genital mutilation, and sexual abuse of children, including the fellating of freshly mutilated boys by rabbis. In case you’re wondering why such a law would even be necessary, two children have died from this practice recently and others have gotten herpes. (Link)


2. Did you know that in 31 states a rapist can claim paternal rights?  Frankly, I think that’s sick.  Paternity is so much more than simply transmission of biological material. Moreover, to shackle a woman to her rapist for the rest of her life is depraved and indicative of a culture where “she must have deserved it.”  On the other hand, I think it would be right and proper for a woman who is raped and impregnated to claim child support from the man and for him to be forced to give it while never having contact with the woman or child.  Rape is a moral travesty and one should never benefit from evil. (Link)


3. More people are talking about “asexuals” now than ever before.  I recently have written about it twice in Asexuality and Asexuality Revisited. There I said, and I maintain, that asexuality is not a valid sexual “orientation” and asexuals should be considered a damaged case.  This article, in attempting to prove asexuals exist, actually serves to confirm my own point:

Joshua Hatton, 23, a language student from Birmingham, agrees. “Three years ago, I came across asexuality – it explained everything. I no longer had to lie to myself. Young men are expected to have some sort of casual sex; it’s all around. Now I feel more comfortable.”

This young man completely misunderstands the proper role of sex in a good life and it’s no wonder why with 2,000 years of christianity’s hatred of humanity and sexuality poisoning the waters.  Unfortunately, instead of wanting to reconnect values and sexuality, he simply throws out the baby with the bathwater and then is pleased with his “solution.” Some asexuals suffer from this moral confusion, some have psychological trauma from early sexual experiences or shame, and some have little to no sex drive because of hormonal problems.  But, these things can all be rectified and they do not establish the validity of asexuality as anything proper to a good human life and anything other than being a damaged case.


4. The Book of Mormon is now running in LA and I’m going to see it.  This isn’t so much a real news item as it is me gloating about getting to see it. I’m more than just a little excited about it!