Such Good People

by Jason Stotts

A friend of mine is an independent film maker and is looking for funding for his next movie.  Check out the link and show him some love if it sounds interesting:

Filmmaker Stewart Wade (Margolis), who previously challenged ideas about sexual identity in “Coffee Date” and “Tru Loved” is working on a new independent feature called “Such Good People.” Starring Michael Urie (“Ugly Betty” and the new “Partners” on CBS) and Randy Harrison (“Queer as Folk”), the movie also features Sandra Bernhard, Lance Bass, Jon Polito, Alec Mapa, Bree Turner, and Drew Droege. It’s a fun screwball comedy like they used to make in the 1930’s — but with a twist. The couple at the center of the zany action is two men, rather than a man and a woman.

If you’d like to learn more about the project and perhaps help Stewart get the project made, check out the movie’s Kickstarter site:

I think it’s great the the movie will feature a gay couple, but that that won’t be the focus of the movie, that being gay will be treated as just something normal about the couple.  To me, that seems like the next step in the progression of making homosexuality something normal and not aberrant.

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