News: Some Interesting and Some Weird

by Jason Stotts

1. Reason has an interesting article up right now: “The War on Sex Workers.”  Anyone who claims to be for the rights of women, but think that women who sell sex aren’t real people are simply deluding themselves.  Whether selling sex is moral or not, it should still be legal and those who sell sex should enjoy equal protection under the law.

2. Apparently America isn’t the only country sturggling to come to terms with what to do about the gays (answer: treat them like people): “Russia ‘Gay Propaganda’ Ban Backed By Parliament.”

3. Should losing control of a vibrator in someone’s ass result in a six-figure settlement?  Would it have been the same if the couple was straight?

4. News flash: putting poison in your vagina in order to poison someone else is a terrible idea!

5. There is an Enema Bandit on the loose.

6. Finally: mind=blown.  We’ve been using Chinese boxes wrong all these years!


I forgot these two:

7. “Never Life About Who You Really Are.” This piece argues much the same as does my recent “Sexuality and Privacy,” that we can contribute to having a better culture by being honest about who we really are.

8. Sexual Surrogacy might be a really good alternative for helping people with sexual issues.

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