Radically Candid Interview

by Jason Stotts

I was recently interviewed by the Radically Candid Podcast team on all sorts of topics in sexuality.  If you’re looking for a no-holds-barred, uncensored, whirlwind tour of my sexual theory, this is the interview for you! (LINK)

Radically Candid scrapes dangerously close to legitimacy as we welcome Jason Stotts, philosopher and blogger at Erosophia, who raises both the guestitude and intellectual value of the podcast far beyond previous levels. We kick off with one of history’s most trite interview questions – what are Jason’s highest performing search keywords? – and that takes us right to the topic of pegging. So our listeners can be reassured that we don’t stray far from the usual tenor of the podcast.

The bulk of part one of our discussion with Jason centers on concepts of masculinity and femininity – what Jason called the “sexual essences” – and of what these concepts actually consist.

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