Erosophia Podcast #3: The Morality of Oral Sex


In this episode of the newly relaunched Erosophia Podcast, Jason, William, Devin, and Joia talk about the morality of oral sex.

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1 Response to “Erosophia Podcast #3: The Morality of Oral Sex”

  1. Sam W.


    Very interesting conversation, particularly the final section where you discussed the potentially demeaning nature of oral sex in some contexts. As I see it, there are certain sex acts or certain aspects of sex acts that have connotations that are maybe not of being demeaning but certainly of dominance and submission. Just a couple of major examples would be oral sex (as discussed in your podcast), anal sex, breast-related intercourse (“tittyf**king”) and ejaculate play (“facials”, as one example). And I don’t think that these connotations are necessarily socially created; I think there’s an extent to which putting someone’s sex organs in your mouth, or accepting a penis into your anus or between your breasts, or (especially) having someone ejaculate semen onto your face are acts that are by their very nature submissive acts.

    I would be very interested to hear/read more discussion as to whether I am right that acts such as these are by their nature dominant/submissive, and the implications of this on gender roles and sexuality of this fact. For example, we know that Ayn Rand’s depiction of heterosexual relationships in her fiction is very focused on a male dominant/female submissive type of relationships, and I know that you do not entirely agree with this idea, but is there anything to be made of the fact that most of the acts I listed above would follow that male dominant/female submissive pattern in a heterosexual relationship? That’s just one example of something that I think could be discussed in a very in depth manner regarding sexuality, and I think if someone is going to discuss the psychological and philosophical implications of a wide variety of sex acts (which is something I’m interested in that very few others seem to be), you are the ones to do it.