News and other Interesting Things

by Jason Stotts

1.US doctors cure child born with HIV.  This is amazing news and with all the advances against HIV in the past couple of years, we may be nearing the end of the scourge.

Dr Hannah Gay, who cared for the child at the University of Mississippi medical centre, told the Guardian the case amounted to the first “functional cure” of an HIV-infected child. A patient is functionally cured of HIV when standard tests are negative for the virus, but it is likely that a tiny amount remains in their body.

“Now, after at least one year of taking no medicine, this child’s blood remains free of virus even on the most sensitive tests available,” Gay said.

2. New Sexual Revolution: Polyamory May Be Good for You from Scientific American I’m happy to see more mainstream outlets discussing ethical non-monogamy and polysexuality.

Two-by-two isn’t the only way to go through life. In fact, an estimated 4 to 5 percent of Americans are looking outside their relationship for love and sex — with their partner’s full permission. Now, social scientists embarking on brand-new research into these types of relationships are finding that they may challenge the ways we think of jealousy, commitment and love. They may even change monogamy for the better.

3. Can the President Kill a U.S. Citizen in the U.S. Without Trial? Attorney General Says Yes

Like many lawyers might, he used three paragraphs rather than just the one word, but that’s what he said.

Obama is seriously the worst president that we have ever had.  If he isn’t raising the debt faster than anyone could believe possible, he’s violating civil rights. [Obviously this was written before Rand Paul’s filibuster, which I enthusiastically supported.]

4. White House takes stance against gay-marriage ban. One of the only things that Obama has been in the right on is on same-sex marriage.  Frankly, I don’t understand why we keep voting for the lesser of two evil political parties and keep making our country worse!  We have to stop this insanity and vote for good politicians for a change.  We shouldn’t have to choose how we want our rights violated.

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration came out forcefully Thursday (Feb. 28) against California’s ban on same-sex marriage and, by extension, implicated similar bans in 37 other states. In a brief to the Supreme Court, which will hear two landmark same-sex marriage cases in late March, the Justice Department argued that gay and lesbian couples should have the same right to marry as heterosexuals.

5.   Concealed Carry Coming to Illinois.  In a win for individual rights, the State of Illinois is being forced to allow citizens to carry guns for personal protection. Hopefully this will serve to lower the homicide rate in Chicago.

On Feb. 22, a 5-4 majority of the 10-member U.S. Seventh Court of Appeals upheld the Dec. 11 decision, which had been rendered by a three-member panel, to address absurdity and inconsistency of Illinois gun laws that allowed ownership of a firearm, but not the right to carry it outside the home. In other words, the “right to keep but not to bear arms.”

6. Legislator says cyclists’ heavy breathing causes pollution as they ride.  In what should be an Onion piece, a state legislator from Washington has said that there should be a tax on bicyclists because they produce more CO2 when they ride.  Newsflash, human respiration takes oxygen from the air and gives off CO2 in a process of gas exchange.  Why don’t the environmentalists just go ahead and come out and say that what they’re actually against is human life.

SEATTLE — A state legislator started a firestorm by claiming bicyclists add to greenhouse gas emissions by breathing heavily as they ride.

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