Assorted News and Random Links

by Jason Stotts

1. Last year I blogged about how mohels fellating recently mutilated babies is disgusting, immoral, and led to a number of deaths.  Now these evil bastards are at it again: Herpes Strikes Two More Infants After Ritual Circumcision.  It is time to legally ban genital mutilation of children for non-medical reasons. At the very minimum it should be illegal to suck their dicks after you cut them!

2. It’s about god-damned time: Judge orders morning-after pill available without prescription.

3. An interactive map of where abortion is banned and when in the pregnancy: The landscape of abortion bans, in one must-see map.

4. I love to see women stand up and throw off the yoke of their oppressive and misanthropic religions: International Topless Jihad Day: FEMEN Activists Stage Protests Across Europe (NSFW).

5. In 30 years we’ll look back on the sad fact that we had to have a cultural shift for same-sex marriage to be accepted, just like we can look back now on the miscegenation debates: Bet You Can’t Tell The Difference Between These Actual Anti-Interracial And Anti-Gay Marriage Quotes

6. Objectivists are less weird than we may initially seem: The Top 5 Misconceptions about Objectivists

7. I’ve long worried that the politicization of “global warming” has led to some…predictably politic results, namely the corruption of science: Global Warming: Was It Just A Beautiful Dream After All?

8. A couple of new articles about genitals: The Average Human Vagina and The Final Word on Penis Size?

9. Childhood is not a disease: More U.S. Children Being Diagnosed With Youthful Tendency Disorder

10. It’s high time: Introducing the Condom of the Future.

11. The “Aurora Shooter” James Holmes’s doctor warned police that he might be violent: Psychiatrist warned campus police about Aurora shooter a month before mass murder.

12. If you’re in a shooting, your best chance of survival is to attack: In Shift, Police Advise Taking an Active Role to Counter Mass Attacks.

13. Before you read the article, guess: Which Types of Images Drive Sales of Porn DVDs?

H/t to Diana Hsieh and Violet Blue for some of these.

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