CatalystCon West

by Jason Stotts

The deadline for CatalystCon West speaker submissions is coming up soon and I’m planning on attending after hearing so many good things about the prior Catalystcons.  However, I need some feedback on my proposal.  I feel like it’s just a little off and needs some fine-tuning.  Take a look at it and if you have any suggestions, let me know! 


Speakers should prepare for sessions that run an hour and ten minutes, including at least 20 minutes of open discussion.  Panel submissions should consist of no more than four speakers (including a moderator, if applicable) and all speakers for panel sessions must be confirmed prior to submission.

Speaker submissions should be sent in plain text in the body of your email. Email all submissions to: [email protected]

Session description: (250 word max)

Speaker Information

Name: Jason Stotts

Email: Jason(at)



Twitter: @jstotts

Bio: (200 word max)

Photo (300-500px wide)

Prior Conferences:

–       Conference of the Atlanta Objectivist Society (ATLOSCon): 2012, 2011

–       Chicago Objectivist Society Conference (COSCon): 2011

–       University of Northern Florida Philosophy Conference: 2006

AV requirements: None.

Session Information

Title of Session: Reclaiming the Sexual Moral Narrative

The war against sex rages on with fundamentalist christians on the offensive and us on the defensive, against the ropes.  But, it doesn’t have to be this way.  The weapon they are using against us, against which we have no defense is morality: they have claimed the moral high-ground and we are defenseless without it.  Consequently, in the field of sexual ethics, we see nothing but a bleak landscape: prohibitions against this and condemnations about that.  But, isn’t there more?  Couldn’t sexual ethics actually tell us how to incorporate sex into our lives in a healthy way that serves to improve our lives?  It can and it should.  Moreover, it was our ceding of the moral high ground to the anti-sex side that weakened our position and forced us to always argue on the defensive.  By reclaiming the moral narrative, we can not only have better sex lives, but we can help to reclaim sexual ethics from those who hate the body and our enjoyment of it.  We can, in one fell swoop, improve our lives and put the arguments about sex back on fundamental principles.

In this talk I’m going to lay out what a philanthropic (pro-human) sexual ethic looks like and show how this foundation can restructure the field.  I will also show how restructuring the arguments in different fields of sexual ethics can take us from being on the defensive to making real headway in the culture.  We may not be able to “win” against pundits who would never change their minds anyway, but if we can change the culture, it doesn’t matter. We will have won what we really wanted: a world where sex is a real value in human life.

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