Erosophia Podcast #9: Polyamory



1. Boyscouts – It’s okay if you’re gay, as long as you’re under 18

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Question 1:

Hi Jason!

I recently had an experience with a different kind of fetish I have never heard of before. This man was turned on by the thought of impregnating women. He would say things during foreplay like: “I want to have babies with you” and “Let’s make a baby” despite that it was a very new relationship. Thoughts?

Question 2:

I listened to the Bisexuality podcast and was wondering if you could you address the concept of being DL (down low) in men. This is when men have a wife, family, etc. but are secretly having gay/same-sex sexual behavior in secret. Do you think most of those men are actually homosexual and trying to hide it and remain closeted, or do you think they are mostly bisexual?

Fun with Words

Candaulism is the enjoyment of sexually exposing one’s female partner to the view of others.  The name is a reference to King Candaules from Herodotus’s tale of Gyges (which is substantially different from Plato’s account of the myth of Gyges).  In the myth, the king surreptitiously reveals his wife to one of his ministers. The sexual practice, then, is when one partner gains pleasure by showing off his partner, whether in person or imagery, to others, whether with the consent of his or her partner or not.


Sex Tips

Mutual masturbation.

Tonight’s Topic: Polyamory

Summary: Polyamory is having multiple loving and sexual relationships and can be a real value in life that can help you live with integrity and be who you really are, instead of denying your nature and trying to force yourself into culturally approved patterns of relationships.


– Robin Baker’s Sperm Wars

– Dossie Easton The Ethical Slut

– Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha Sex at Dawn

– Tristan Taormino’s Opening Up

– “On Polysexuality (Revised)

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