Erosophia Podcast #11: An Interview with Stan and Wendy on Swinging


In this episode of the Erosophia Podcast, Jason, William, and Joia talk about swinging.  There’s also an interview with Stan and Wendy, two real life swingers about their experiences in the lifestyle.


1. Exodus International closes and apologizes

2. Kegels versus Squats

3. Lesbians marry across the street from Westboro baptist church! 

Betty Dodson – Sex for One

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I’m a married man, but knew i was attracted to men for a long time.  Through therapy I’ve been able to acknowledge the gay side of my sexuality and have been able to have a periodic relationship w/ another gay guy. This certainly means that i am bi-sexual.  However, my prescribing therapist says that i am “sexual” and should not necessarily use sexual orientation labels along the sexual continuum.  What do you think?

Tonight’s Topic: Swinging

Stan and Wendy talk with us about their experiences in the lifestyle.

Summary: Swinging can be a real value in your life, but there are dangers too.  There are lots of ways to approach swinging and some are going to be better fits for a couple than others.

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