Erosophia Podcast #12: Masturbation


In this episode of the Erosophia Podcast, Jason, William, Joia, and Devin talk about Masturbation.


1. Justice for girl killed by religious parents (Update from Episode #7)

2. The victims of child pornography: the children (See also: It’s about Time! and It’s about Time)

3. Britain Legalizes Gay Marriage

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If straight parents give birth to a gay child, and they can tell at an early age, can you give any tips to helping them deal with this? How would you best suggest that they embrace their child and help them understand that it isn’t their fault?

Check out: (Parents, Families, and Friends, of Lesbians and Gays)

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Sex Tips

Growers and Showers: some penises grow and some show

Fun with Words

Algolagnia – love of pain during sex.  AKA masochism

See also: Venus in Furs

Tonight’s Topic: Masturbation

Masturbation can be a really great value in life.  You can learn about your sexual likes and dislikes, you can become sexually self-sufficient, it is very pleasurable, and it can even help you sleep.  Masturbation is not shameful, but is rather a normal and important part of human sexuality.  We should be proud of our bodies and the pleasures they give us.

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