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Concretizing Philosophy

by Jason Stotts 

I really love what this website has done in setting some really great quotes into a visual form so that you can read the words and understand them intellectually, while concurrently understanding them in a concretized form through the artwork.  Wonderful.




Eros and Ethos Update: First Complete Draft Done!

by Jason Stotts

I’m having a really realizing that it’s true, it just doesn’t seem possible, but I’m done with a complete draft of my first book Eros and Ethos: A New Theory and Application of Sexual Ethics.  It’s been a long hard road of writing it here and there, while working full time, as well as blogging, podcasting, and having a life.  But, it’s finally done in draft and I couldn’t be happier about it!  It exists now.

It’s just in time too, because, and I’m publicly announcing this for the first time here, I’ll be starting a MA,MFT program in just a couple of days!  The last two months have been a blur as I worked to finish the draft before the program started.  I’m pretty sure that in the last 60 days, I’ve written nearly 60,000 words.  It’s been a crazy summer and now I’ll be starting grad school, working on book revisions, and working full time.  It’s going to be a busy next couple of years.  But, I’m excited and optimistic!  I’ll be more formally announcing my decision to go to grad school soon and there will be more details there, including how you can help.

Now, some info about the book: 127,000 words, across 229 pages, and 16 chapters.  The outline is below:


Part 1: The Theory

Chapter 1: Ethics                                                                                      

Ethics from Life

The Nature of Ethics


Eudaimonistic Ethics

The Achievement of the Good Life


Chapter 2: Emotions                                                                               

What is an Emotion?

The Emotional Process


Sense of Life

Philosophy and Emotional Integration

The Passionate Life

Chapter 3: Love                                                                                        

Challenging the Old Paradigms

What Kind of Person is Capable of Love?

The Nature of Erotic Love

Chapter 4: Relationships                                                                        

The Bases of Relationships

Characteristics of a Proper Relationship


Friendship versus Romantic Love

Chapter 5: Sexual Attraction and Fantasy                                           

Cultural Paradigms of Attraction

The Shallowness of Simple Physical Attraction

Character Attraction

Philosophy and its Role in Attraction


Chapter 6: Identity, Orientation, and Self-Understanding               

Understanding Identity and Orientation

A Broader Perspective: What is Orientation and Identity?

Historical Western Conceptions of Masculinity and Femininity

Reconceptualizing Masculinity and Femininity

Chapter 7: Sex, Union, and Intimacy                                                    

The Nature of Sex

Sexual Pleasure

Intimacy, Union, and a Shared Life

Conclusion and Summary of Part 1                                                     

Chapter 1: Ethics

Chapter 2: Emotions

Chapter 3: Love

Chapter 4: Romantic Relationships

Chapter 5: Sexual Attraction and Fantasy

Chapter 6: Identity, Orientation, and Self-Understanding

Chapter 7: Sex, Union, and Intimacy

Part 2: The Applications                                                                    

Chapter 8: Erotic Decadence                                                                  

The Principles of Ascension and Perversion



Sexual Violence and Consent

Promiscuity and Inauthentic Love

Sexual Mutilation

Chapter 9: Faith, Mysticism, and Sex                                                    

The Sexual Ethics of Ignorance and Inaction

Taboos and Forbidden Ideas

Dualism and its Implications

Altruism’s Poison and Relationships

Masturbation: The Most Natural Thing in the World

Chapter 10: Reproduction, Progeny, and Family                               

The Value of Family

Parental Responsibility

Birth Control


Chapter 11: Sex for Sale                                                                           


Strip Clubs

Prostitution and Sex Work


Chapter 12: Children and Sexuality                                                       

The Sexual Child

Pedophilia, Hebephilia, and Ephebophilia


Age of Consent


Chapter 13: Polysexuality                                                                       

Terminology: Mono and Poly

But, is it Natural?

The Morality of Polysexuality?

Relationships: A Continuum of Openness


Chapter 14: Kink                                                                                       

The Nature of Kink


Male Anal Play and Prostate Stimulation




Chapter 15: Public and Private                                                              

Nudity and Nakedness

Public Nudity and Nude Beaches

Voyeurism and Exhibitionism

Chapter 16: Society, Sex, and the Law                                                   



The Right to Privacy and Sexual Self-Determination



I hope you’re as excited about the book as I am!