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Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2013

by Jason Stotts

I wanted to congratulate all of my fellow bloggers who made the Top Sex Bloggers of 2013!  Unfortunately, Erosophia didn’t make the list this year, which is disappointing.  It’s not, perhaps, surprising, though, since I’ve written fewer essays for Erosophia this year.  I did, however, finish the first draft of my book Eros and Ethos!  Not only that, but I started grad school in clinical psychology while working full time.  As you might imagine, this means that time to write for Erosophia has been…limited.  I hope you guys are enjoying the podcast, though.  I find that it takes a lot less time to do the podcast than to write essays and it’s a change of pace, which is nice.

I’ve got some big things planned for 2014 and hopefully 2014 will see the publication of Eros and Ethos!

As always, I’ll be posting the Best of 2013 sometime after the first of the year.  If you have any nominations for your favorite posts of the year, please comment here and let me know.

Merry Xmas!

by Jason Stotts

Merry Christmas everyone!




Erosophia Podcast #17: Sex Work and Erotic Dancing


In this episode of the Erosophia Podcast, Jason, Devin, William, and Joia, discuss sex work and erotic dancing.


Botched Circumcision


I need advice on how to establish a sexually active lifestyle. I am a virgin in my mid-twenties who lives with his parents and can’t have a partner over for complicated reasons I don’t want to get into.  I can’t move out right now for financial reasons, but am looking to get my own place as soon as I get back on my feet, which may be a year or more. I’m not interested in a long-term relationships right now, but I also don’t want one-night stands and all that. Currently there’s no one in my immediate contacts that I’d like to heavily invest in a relationship with, but plenty for both sexual relations and other satisfying psychological things (such as fulfilling conversations, activities done together on occasion, and so forth.)

I’m not a virgin because I’m shy or afraid, but rather because I continually make excuses as to why I “can’t” have sex, such as planning a major out-of-state move or trying to resolve my financial debts (leaving little money for dating), so since I’ve habituated the single-living lifestyle for all my life I’m not sure how to make the cross-over. Plus, my living conditions are unsuitable to bring another person in.

So how do I go from virgin nerd overly-focused on the single life to James Bond-stylin’ nerd focused on life AND gettin’ it on?

– John

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Sex Tips: Enthusiasm

There are few qualities relating to sex that are as attractive as enthusiasm.

Tonight’s Topic: Sex Work and Erotic Dancing

Both Joia and Devin have worked as erotic dancers before and we talk about their experiences and whether such work can be a moral choice for a person.

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