Best of 2013

by Jason Stotts

As we go into Erosophia’s 9th year, let’s take a step back and see what we did in 2013.

Last year was a very busy year for me and Erosophia.  Although Erosophia didn’t place in the top 100 Sex Blogs last year, there were still some really great things that happened and some really great articles.

Notable Things in 2013:

The most important thing that happened in 2013 was that I finished a draft of my book Eros and Ethos: A New Theory and Application of Sexual Ethics.  The link provides more detail, but it’s hard to believe it’s finally done in draft.  Now I just need to get an agent and publisher and get it published.  In a couple of days I’ll have a complete third draft done and I think I’ll be ready to start shopping it around.

I also started grad school in September for a MA in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC).  I’m doing the program at night, while working full time during the day, so free time has been rather limited.  If you want to donate to help me go to grad school, I’d love your help!

The Erosophia Podcast is also taking off and has been getting a lot of listeners!  It was even featured on the “What’s Hot” section of iTunes! You can find it on Facebook or on iTunes.  You can find Erosophia’s Facebook page here.

Lastly, I’d like to invite you to support Erosophia.  You can donate money via Paypal at the link on the right or by sending it to Jason(at)  You can also send an Amazon or Chase payment to the same address.  If you want to send a check or money order, write me there and I’ll tell you how.  I would also happily accept Amazon GC’s. If you can’t support us monetarily, please spread the word about Erosophia.  If my writings have helped you in any way, write me and tell  me about it.  Getting those emails is like spiritual fuel and it helps me to keep going.

Top 10 Essays of 2013:

10. On Homophobia

Is homophobia a fear of gays?  I think not.

9. Erosophia Podcast #4: Circumcision

In this podcast, we argue that genital mutilation, no matter how euphemistically termed, is immoral and should be illegal to be done to minors.  Why?  Take a listen.

8. Question from a Reader

I usually try to answer when you, dear readers, write me.  Sometimes those answers would be interesting to lots of people and sometimes I share these.  This is a cast of that.

7. Erosophia Podcast #14: Interview with Dr. Darrel Ray on How Religion Distorts Sexuality

The Erosophia Podcast interviewed the very interesting Dr. Darrel Ray on religion and sexuality.  I think it’s our best podcast yet!

6. The Forgotten Victims of Gun Control

In all of the debates about gun control, let’s not forget that women are the most hurt when access to guns is restricted.

5. Polysexuality and Cultural Acceptability

Polysexuality will never be socially acceptable while being ashamed of it and hiding in the closet.

4. On Threesomes

Moral and practical questions to ask yourself if you’re seriously considering having a threesome.

3. Ignorance and Myopia

Sometimes not knowing is a morally permissible error of ignorance.  Sometimes errors of ignorance are immoral.  With so much information available about sex today, is your ignorance about sex moral or immoral?

2.Sexuality and Privacy

There are good reasons and bad reasons to keep sex private; but, being completely “private” about sex to the point where you won’t talk to anyone about it can be immoral.  Not only that, the world would be a better and more authentic place if we were all more open about sex and sexuality.

1. The Fountainhead’s ‘Rape Scene’: a Case Study of Consensual Non-Consent

The Fountainhead’s “rape scene” is not, in context, a scene of rape at all.  One might even say that Roark could have been given no clearer invitation.  Further, i argue that we can understand what this kind of thing might look like in the real world through the idea of consensual non-consent.


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