Eros and Ethos Cover

by Jason Stotts

You probably already know this, but my book Eros and Ethos: A New Theory and Application of Sexual Ethics is done in draft and is being edited now.  I’ve been working with a graphic designer ( to create the cover and he’s come up with some really good stuff.  At this point, we need your help selecting the final cover!

(Click picture for full size.)

#1 – Tan


#2 – Red



#3 – Green


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The trend on Facebook and in person is that red is the most popular, followed by green, then tan.  So, Joseph made two additional variations on the red.  Which red is your favorite?

#4 – Brighter Red


#5 – Merlot


5 Responses to “Eros and Ethos Cover”

  1. Harold

    The middle one.

  2. Michael Caution


  3. Harold

    Bright red.

  4. Harold

    Actually, the original “red”.

  5. Mi Vibrance

    Bright Red or Merlot for sure. Great title & Cover! L