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Eros and Ethos

by Jason Stotts

I recently wrote a proposal for funding for Eros and Ethos and I thought it was pretty good, so I’m going to share parts of it here.  Click through if you’re interested.

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Starbucks Writer-in-Residence Program

by Jason Stotts

As a writer, I spend a lot of time in coffeeshops.  I love coffee and getting out of the house and into a new environment can also really help to get going with writing.  As I was sitting in Starbucks the other day, I was thinking that they should create a formal program to support local writers.  I was also thinking that this program would be good media exposure for them and would generate much more positive buzz than it would cost to run.  So, I put together a quick pitch and some ideas.  I worked out even more of how the program would actually run, if Starbucks decides to do it.


Coffeehouses have long been associated with writers and other creative people. Starbucks is in a unique position to leverage this historic relationship in a way that benefits both the writing community and Starbucks itself. I’ve devised a program that will lead to: 1. A widespread positive media campaign for Starbucks, 2. Increased goodwill among Starbucks regulars and the writing community, and 3. An optional potentially lucrative publishing program. The best part? The program can be run by a small functional team and would have very little cost. Moreover, the cost would be fair outweighed by publicity and goodwill.


  • Great publicity for Starbucks.
  • General Goodwill.
  • Writers are a big part of Starbucks’ regular customers and would increase goodwill with that community.
  • Potential to monetize program through profit sharing with publishers and selling advertising space.
  • Potential for profit from selling books inside stores (only the “select” books that make the cut).
  • Very little needed to create program, no infrastructure or logistics changes needed.
  • Program can be overseen by a very small functional team.

Practical Aspects:

  • Starbucks would “sponsor” writers for 1-6 month blocks where they would offer them unlimited drinks and a reserved table (drinks could be limited to low cost drinks, making cost nearly zero).
  • Starbucks could also offer cash stipends, if the program is monetized through affiliation with a publisher.
  • Would give out special “Writer-in-Residence” cups that would have to be used to keep down environmental impact and further reduce cost, while highlighting program.
  • Starbucks would have option to publish books at the end of sponsored period or work with publisher for program.  Starbucks would retain percentage of profits.

I think the program has a lot of potential and would be great for both Starbucks and the writers they sponsored, not to mention everyone else who got to enjoy the books and stories produced through the program.

What do you think?