Women and Sexuality

by Jason Stotts

In our culture today, we are inundated by the idea that men are nearly incontrollable sex-monsters who will stop at nothing to satisfy their needs, while women do not enjoy sex and have it merely to achieve some end. Yet, this is a relatively new development as until recently, women were considered to be more sexual. See, for a fuller account of this, Alyssa Goldstein’s excellent essay “When Women Wanted Sex Much More Than Men: And how the stereotype flipped.

This is made all the more interesting because research suggests that this isn’t the result of changed biology, but of changed cultural expectations about the role of each sex: “When Society isn’t Judging, Women’s Sex Drive Rivals Men’s.

I bring this up not only because it’s incredibly interesting, but I also want to challenge you to think about your beliefs about sexuality and how they shape your own behavior and your behavior towards others.

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