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Happy 12th Birthday Erosophia!

by Jason Stotts

I can’t believe it’s been another year and now Erosophia is 12! While it wasn’t a big year for content on Erosophia, it has been a really big year for Eros and Ethos, which is coming out THIS FALL!

One of the big changes that made this possible was splitting Eros and Ethos into multiple volumes. The original project simply grew much too large and there was a natural split between the first part that establishes the theory and the second part that applies it to the various problems of sexual ethics.

Volume 1: The Theory

Introduction (Finished)

Chapter 1: Ethics (Finished)

Chapter 2: Emotions and Sentiments (Final copy edit)

Chapter 3: Love (Final copy edit)

Chapter 4: Relationships (Final substantive edit)

Chapter 5: Sexual Attraction & Fantasy (Ver. 3/4)

Chapter 6: Identity, Orientation, & Self-Understanding (Ver. 3/4)

Chapter 7: Sex, Union, & Intimacy (Ver. 3/4)

Most of Volume 1 is done and in copy-editing now. We’re shooting to have everything ready to be published on October 1st. Soon, we’ll have the website fully operational to support the book launch.

I’m so excited to have Eros and Ethos almost done and ready for publication.

If you want to stay current with things, you can subscribe to Erosophia or for a more personal touch, subscribe to my new quarterly newsletter.

Finally, I want to thank all of you, for a great 12 years and I look forward to many more years to come.

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Final Draft Readers Needed

by Jason Stotts

Editing of penultimate draft of “Eros and Ethos” is going well and it is about 1/3 edited now. I anticipate having a complete final draft sometime this summer with publication in the early Fall. To that end, I’m looking for around 3 volunteers to serve as proofreaders.

You must be willing to commit to returning each chapter within 2 weeks and you must commit to doing this for all of Volume 1, which is 7 chapters. I’m anticipating about one chapter a month through Summer.

If you’re interested, email me at Jason(at) and let me know why I should pick you. If you have experience editing, that would certainly be a plus. If you have background in philosophy or sex, that would also be a plus. If you just really enjoy reading, that works too. There is no special background that you have to have, because the book is written for a general audience.

The people selected will be thanked in the book and receive a numbered and signed first edition.

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Happy 11th Birthday Erosophia!

by Jason Stotts


I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for 11 years already! A lot has happened in the last year, so let me give you an overview of what’s been going on. If you want to stay current with things, you can subscribe to Erosophia or for a more personal touch, subscribe to my new quarterly newsletter.


Last year I said I’d be done with Eros and Ethos by December of 2015. Well, that was optimistic. On the other hand, there has been a lot of work done in the last year and it’s a much better book now. It currently stand at just over 188,000 words and approximately 600 book pages. I’ve listed the current chapters below and how complete they are, with respect to the number draft they are currently on and the total number of drafts anticipated. At the rate I’m going with my current editor, I expect to have a completed penultimate draft by January and to complete the final revisions by this time next year.

Part 1: The Theory

Chapter 1: Ethics (Ver. 3/4)

Chapter 2: Emotions and Sentiments (Ver. 3/4)

Chapter 3: Love (Ver. 3/4)

Chapter 4: Relationships (Ver. 3/4)

Chapter 5: Sexual Attraction & Fantasy (Ver. 2/4)

Chapter 6: Identity, Orientation, & Self-Understanding (Ver. 2/4)

Chapter 7: Sex, Union, & Intimacy (Ver. 2/4)

Part 2: Applications

Chapter 8: Erotic Decadence (Ver. 2/4)

Chapter 9: Faith, Mysticism, & Religion (Ver. 1/3)

Chapter 10: Family & Progeny (Ver. 1/3)

Chapter 11: Sex for Sale (Ver. 1/3)

Chapter 12: Children & Sexuality (Ver. 1/3)

Chapter 13: Polysexuality (Ver. 1/3)

Chapter 14: Kink (Ver. 1/3)

Chapter 15: Public & Private (Ver. 1/3)

Chapter 16: Society, Sex, & the Law (Ver. 1/3)

Conclusion (Ver. 1/3)

Epilogue: Selected Philosophic Essays (Ver. 1/3)



Last year I announced that I’m working on my first fictional work called The Wizard’s Tower. I have spent most of the last year working on Eros and Ethos, but I am pleased to announce that The Wizard’s Tower is nearly done in first draft! If you’re interested in more news about The Wizard’s Tower, sign up for the newsletter to be the first to find out what’s going on with it.

If you’ve enjoyed Erosophia these last 11 years, please consider sending me some love.

You can donate via PayPal:

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You can email me and tell me that my work has had some impact in your life: Jason(at) (I could really use this one right now).

Or, you can like Erosophia’s Facebook page:

Finally, I want to thank all of you, for a great 11 years and I look forward to many more years to come.

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by Jason Stotts

I’m creating a special newsletter for people who are interested in keeping track of what I’m doing and the progress of my various projects, like Eros and Ethos or The Wizard’s Tower. If you’re interested, head to and sign up there. The first edition will be going out soon and will include some exclusive content not found anywhere else.


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2015 Retrospective

by Jason Stotts

Usually, in early January, I do a big “Best of” the year post that highlights my best essays from the year. This year, however, there weren’t many essays on Erosophia. Nevertheless, it’s been a really big year for me! (Older best of’s: 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009)

First, Erosophia turned 10  this year! I’ve been blogging for ten and a half years now. It’s funny, because I started blogging on a lark. At some point I started to really enjoy it and people kept reading it, so it’s just worked out that I’m still doing it.

Second, I graduated with my Master’s in Clinical Psychology in 2015 and started work as a MFT Intern specializing in sex therapy in Palm Springs (more details here).

Third, I started my first full-length fiction book “The Wizard’s Tower”. It’s about half done now and I hope to release it in the next year or two. As I get closer to releasing it, I’ll give out more details about the book and maybe even put up the first chapter here on Erosophia.

Finally, 2015 was a huge year for Eros and Ethos: A New Theory and Practice of Sexual Ethics, my forthcoming book on sexual ethics. I started writing it in January of 2008, so I’ve been at it 8 years now! I finished the complete first draft of E&E in 2014 and spent 2015 working on revising it and making it into a much better book. I’m about halfway through the third draft now and then there will only be one last quick copy-editing draft. I’m expecting to complete it and offer it for sale this year (hopefully!!!).

As we get a little closer, we’ll be setting up a website for the book launch at (it’s not live yet). We’ll also announce a firmer publication date and set up a pre-order system. I’m also planning on doing a limited print of 50 or 100 books that are numbered and signed. They will be available through the Eros and Ethos website. The print version will follow the digital by a couple of weeks.

There is, however, one potential problem. Eros and Ethos is long. The present word count is a little over 170,000 words, which makes Eros and Ethos 20,000 words longer than both Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets combined. Depending on the words per page calculation, publishing it as a single volume will be between 680 pages (at 250 wpp, which is what Amazon recommends), to 566 pages (at 300 wpp, which is average nonfiction), to 378 pages (at 450 wpp, which is pretty small print on large pages). Given that most nonfiction books clock in around 200-250 pages (at between 300wpp and 450wpp), this is a problem as it might disincline readers, who will think it’s simply too long to read.

So, one option I’ve been kicking around is separating Part 1 from Part 2 and publishing them separately as Volume 1 and Volume 2. This would yield two regular sized books. The problem is that both ways have pros and cons, which I’ve tried to list below (you’re welcome to add to the lists in the comments).

Publishing Together


– The reader can start with either the theory or the applications

– One unified volume

– Won’t have to separate out references to missing parts

– Won’t have to edit to disentangle Part 1 and Part 2

– Won’t need new covers


– Less $, since selling 1 books vs. 2

– Longer time to completely publish (need to wait between volumes)

– Too long of a book might discourage readers (some people may never read who might have read a shorter book)

– Fewer published books (author’s vanity)

Publishing Separately


– Publish 1st book sooner (less time to edit it all)

– More overall $

– Shorter books, easier to read and more likely people will read

– More total books published

– Build reputation for subsequent releases (maybe)


– Will need new covers

– Potential continuity issues

– Only get 1 shot to impress readers and people might prefer theory to applications or vice versa (This is my biggest worry)

What do you think of the publishing issue? Realistically, I think that it’s full of good and interesting stuff and everything that’s in it is in it for a reason.

Either way, 2015 was a great year for me and I’m hoping that 2016 will be even better and see the publication of Eros and Ethos.

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Happy 10th Birthday Erosophia!

by Jason Stotts


I really can’t believe that it’s been 10 years since I started blogging!

Blogging is interesting.  I never set out to be a blogger.  In fact, I only started writing a blog on a lark.  Then, I just sort of kept writing and at some point things got interesting.  Somewhere along the line people started reading and then I accidentally became popular. I still have no idea how. I’m glad it happened though.

Anyway, I’m happy to announce that we’re half done editing Eros and Ethos and we’re optimistically shooting to release in Q4 of this year, probably December. Editing is going a little slower than I would like, but the book is definitely benefitting from it and it’s much better now than it was before we started.

I also want to announce that I’ve started writing a second book, tentatively titled The Wizard’s Tower. This book, unlike Eros and Ethos, will be fiction. It’s a fantasy book set in a land where wizards rule. It revolves around a new High Wizard and the choices he must make as a ruler who never had any aspirations to rule.  It’s already a third of the way written and we’re starting work on the cover. Joseph Pearson is helping me with this project as well (if you need design work, check him out). Here’s a really tentative cover he mocked up for it:


I hope to have The Wizard’s Tower published in the next two years.

One other announcement: the Erosophia Podcast is going to start recording again! We got a little behind there, but we’re back on the ball now and we’re starting to record again next week.

If you’ve enjoyed Erosophia these last 10 years, please consider sending me some love.

You can donate via PayPal:

You can buy me a birthday present from my Amazon Wishlist

You can email me and tell me that my work has had some impact in your life: Jason(at) (I could really use this one right now).

Or, you can like Erosophia’s Facebook page:

Finally, I want to thank all of you, my readers and listeners, for a great decade and I look forward to many more years to come.

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Countdown to Erosophia’s 10th Birthday!

by Jason Stotts

Although it’s hard to believe, in just a couple of weeks, I will have been blogging for 10 years! My very first blog post ever was May 8th, 2005.

To celebrate, I’m announcing another major project on May 8th, so you’ll have to come back then to see what sort of cool thing is about to happen.

I will also have some more updates about Eros and Ethos and maybe even an estimated release date for you!

I also want to announce that I’m going to look for some new writers to help me keep Erosophia current with new and engaging articles and essays on sexuality from a philosophical perspective. If you’re interested in applying to write, email me at Jason(at)

Lastly, if you’d like to buy Erosophia (and me!) a birthday present, here’s my Amazon wish list:

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Best of 2014

by Jason Stotts

Last year, 2014, was an exceptionally busy year.  I worked on revising my book Eros and Ethos and my MA in Clinical Psychology. Something about full-time grad school and working full-time, in addition to working on Eros and Ethos, hasn’t left me as much time as I would have liked to write essays for Erosophia. Nevertheless, there were some really good essays this year which I hope you’ll enjoy.

A couple of other updates.  Eros and Ethos should be published in the Fall, if all goes well. I’ll post updates as it gets closer and we finalize the date.  The Erosophia Podcast continues to grow and become more popular.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, you really should. Finally, I went to Catalystcon in the Fall and met lots of people.  Hopefully this year, I’ll be giving a presentation.

Top Essays of 2014:

10: Eros and Ethos Cover

The potential covers for Eros and Ethos.  The final version will be announced right before Eros and Ethos is published.

9. Question: Pornography and Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand didn’t like pornography, but not because she thought sex was base. So why didn’t she like pornography?

8. Operation Choke Point and the Erosion of Freedom

 The Obama administration is attacking porn and guns. Since they know most people don’t operate on principle and will only defend the liberty their party sanctions, they can divide us and take away our liberties piecemeal.

7. Eros and Ethos

Part of a recent proposal I wrote for Eros and Ethos that talks about why I’m writing it and what I want to accomplish.

6. Ill-Defined Harm: A Review of Jesse Bering’s Perv

I really enjoyed Perv, but I think it suffers from a fundamental lack of integrating philosophy.

5. Erotic Comprehension

How do we know we’re in a sexual situation as opposed to a nonsexual situation? It sounds simple enough, but there’s more here than meets the eye.

4. Porn Addiction?

I don’t believe in “porn addiction.” Guess who does? Religion. Guess what group of people is most likely to think they are porn addicts?  Religious people.

3. Getting Started with Female Anal Sexuality

I’ve written about male anal sexuality before, but somehow I haven’t written about female anal sexuality.  In this essay, I tackle that topic with some real advice about how to get started with female anal sexuality.

2. Authenticity

To live authentically is a powerful choice in life and will help you to create the life you really want.

1. On Intuitionism

In this essay, I explore the idea of “intuitionism” to see if it has any basis in the real world. Does it give us special access to truth?  Does it give us direct access to knowledge? It does give us something, but maybe not what you think it is.


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