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Tea and Consent

by Jason Stotts

Consent can be a tricky subject to understand, but this video gets it precisely right.

(Except the part about putting milk in tea.)

“None of That”

by Jason Stotts

Take a look at this very well-done little video. I think it perfectly captures the religious inclination to destroy all that glorifies man in order to appease their resentiment and hatred of human life.

Coffee House Chronicles: Episode 5

by Jason Stotts

I’ve posted about it before, but some of my friends are doing a web-series about the realities of gay dating today. This episode touches on pegging, which as you know I’ve written about before at length (On Pegging & On Pegging 2). I have it on good authority that I may even have had an influence on this particular episode. Anyway, check out the episode and, if you’re interested, my essays on the subject.

Coffee House Chronicles: Episode 4: Perfect Present

by Jason Stotts

Some of my friends are doing a really funny webseries called “Coffee House Chronicles” about gay dating today. It’s really funny and addresses real issues. Check it out!

Humor: “Carl Poppa”

by Jason Stotts

This is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time.  If you’re a fan of Walking Dead, check it out.

Humor: XKCD “For The Sake of Arguement”

by Jason Stotts

This basically sums up my feelings on arguing for the sake of arguing.

Humor: Pornhub Valentines

by Jason Stotts

What do you get when you combine Pornhub comments with Valentines Day cards?  Comedy gold.

A couple of my favorites:


The baby soup?!



WTF is an “anal squelch”?  Actually, I don’t want to know.



This one is epic on so many levels.



OMFG, who calls it a dingle?

The Olympics of Sex

by Jason Stotts

Nothing brings the world together like sex.

Olympic Village Tour: See Where The Athletes Live, Train And Fuck Each Other