Eros and Ethos (Book)

(Tentative Cover)


Eros and Ethos is an attempt to create the world’s first eudaimonistic sexual ethic. That is, Eros and Ethos applies the framework of egoistic eudaimonism to sexual issues to create a robust sexual ethic and the first complete sexual ethic that is neither religious or hedonistic.

In order to have a complete theory of the good life, we need to account for all aspects of a human life, one of the most important of which is sex.  Sex defines who we are to a large degree in our lives: from our orientation, to our desires, to the kinds of people we find attractive, etc.  If we wish to have a good life, we need a theory of ethics that takes our sexual nature into account.  We need a reunion of sex and ethics: we need a new sexual ethic that accounts for what it is really like to be a person.

In the first part of the book, the theory is developed and in the second part it is applied to some of the big issues of today: same-sex marriage, abortion, prostitution, etc. One of the main virtues of the book is that it is written in such a way as to make it accessible to the general reader, while still maintaing philosophic rigor, so that it is also attractive to intellectuals.

Eros and Ethos is reintegration of sex and ethics; a necessary reintegration in order to help people arrive at a complete happy life.  After all, the function of ethics is to help us live well, and what kind of life could we even have if such a happy life did not include sex?

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