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Diana Hsieh on Abortion and Parental Consent

by Jason Stotts Diana Hsieh recently did a really great job discussing the issues surrounding abortion and parental consent.  These are complicated issues and Diana does a great job cutting to their core.   I recommend you take a listen: Should minor girls be required by law to obtain parental consent for an abortion? Normally, […]

Assorted News and Random Links

by Jason Stotts 1. Last year I blogged about how mohels fellating recently mutilated babies is disgusting, immoral, and led to a number of deaths.  Now these evil bastards are at it again: Herpes Strikes Two More Infants After Ritual Circumcision.  It is time to legally ban genital mutilation of children for non-medical reasons. At the […]

Peikoff and Abortion

by Jason Stotts Leonard Peikoff published a good essay recently in the Huffington Post (of all places) called “Abortion Rights Are Pro-Life.”  In it, he makes a number of good points: 1. “Abortion rights advocates should not cede the terms “pro-life” and “right to life” to the anti-abortionists.” 2.”Nor should abortion-rights advocates keep hiding behind […]

Inspirational Philosophy

by Jason Stotts I’ve long had a problem with atheists; or, at least with some atheists.  And the problem is not that they don’t believe in the irrationality that is religion, because I don’t believe in that nonsense either.  No, the problem is that so many atheists spend countless hours arguing against the irrationality of […]

Fetuses and Personhood

by Jason Stotts While driving home today on the freeway, I was thinking about an essay I’m working on about abortion.  I was driving in the carpool lane and the sign said that in order to drive in the carpool lane, the car must be occupied by “two or more persons.”  This got me to […]

The Republicans are Still Our Enemies

by Jason Stotts With all of the congratulations and celebrations yesterday that the Republicans managed to get the socialist healthcare monstrosity ruled unconstitutional, paving the way for it to go to the Supreme Court, we need to remember that although we share a common enemy in the Democrats, the Republicans are our enemy as well. […]

Healthcare and Abortion

by Jason Stotts If you are against socialized medicine, you are also against the government controlling abortion.  Either the government should control healthcare or it should not.  Otherwise you end up with this absurd (religious reich) position: (via WickedGayBlog)

Truly Pro-Life: Personhood and Abortion

by Jason Stotts For too long there has been a raging debate in our country on the issue of abortion. Indeed, the issue has come to an absolute impasse as both sides have taken to ignoring their opponents and wrapping themselves in the armor of indubitable belief. The issue, however, needs a resolution. We cannot […]