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Countdown to Erosophia’s 10th Birthday!

by Jason Stotts Although it’s hard to believe, in just a couple of weeks, I will have been blogging for 10 years! My very first blog post ever was May 8th, 2005. To celebrate, I’m announcing another major project on May 8th, so you’ll have to come back then to see what sort of cool thing […]

Administrative Update: Spam

by Jason Stotts Erosophia was recently compromised by a backdoor exploit that was injecting spam into posts and the RSS feed. At this point, the issue should be fixed, but the site isn’t going to look pretty until I can find a better and more secure theme.  Also, most plugins are disabled right now for […]

Help! Spam!

by Jason Stotts I’ve had a couple of people report to me that there is occasionally spam in their RSS version of Erosophia.  If you’ve also had that problem, can you leave a comment or let me know so I know how widespread it is? Also, if you can help me fix this I’d appreciate […]

Going Flying

by Jason Stotts My wife is super thoughtful.  She knows that I’ve been wanting to try flying a plane for a while now, so what’d she do?  She got me a “discovery flight” so I could go up in a plane and try it out. That’s me, in front of the little Cessna I’m about […]