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Misquoting Aristotle

by Jason Stotts We’re about one third of the way through editing the penultimate draft of Eros and Ethos and one thing I’m doing is cleaning up some of the quotes that I want to include. With most of the quotes, I already had references, since they came from my own research. However, there were […]

Arguing Online About Ethics

by Jason Stotts Sometimes when I’m arguing about ethics online, I need to remember my Aristotle: “To examine then all the views held about happiness is superfluous, for children, sick people, and the insane all have views, but no sane person would dispute over them.” EE I.3.12b30.

Aristotle On Friendship

by Jason Stotts I have several old philosophy papers that I wrote while I was an undergrad that I still think are interesting and good. ┬áIn an effort to keep them from disappearing forever, I’m going to be posting some of them on Erosophia in the next couple of months. This paper I wrote for […]