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“None of That”

by Jason Stotts Take a look at this very well-done little video. I think it perfectly captures the religious inclination to destroy all that glorifies man in order to appease their resentiment and hatred of human life.

Stephen Fry on god

by Jason Stotts Stephen Fry gives an amazing answer to a question about the christian god:

Porn Addiction?

by Jason Stotts I’ve argued before that I don’t think porn addiction is a real thing (here and Erosophia Podcast #14 & #15).  I’ve also referenced Dr. Marty Klein’s essay on it.  But, here’s an angle that I haven’t pursued enough yet: why do people think they’re addicted to porn in the first place?  It turns out […]

Merry Xmas!

by Jason Stotts Merry Christmas everyone!    

Announcement: Erosophia Podcast Special Guest

by Jason Stotts I am very pleased and excited to announce that tomorrow The Erosophia Podcast will be interviewing Dr. Darrel Ray on sex and religion!  Last year Dr. Ray released the very good book Sex & God: How Religion Distorts Sexuality, which I recommend for anyone who wants to understand the true, and terrible, effects […]

Event: Darrel Ray “I Am Not A Christian So Why Do I Act Like One?”

by Jason Stotts I’ll be attending this event on Thursday and you should come check it out if you’re in the Temecula area. I Am Not A Christian So Why Do I Act Like One? by Darrel Ray author of Sex & God Thursday, May 2, 2013 7:00 PM Why do non-believers continue to behave […]

Ignorance and Myopia

by Jason Stotts When I first started studying philosophy, I was surprised at how committed I was to beliefs that I had never really considered.  In fact, I seemed to be trapped in a web of ideas that I had obtained through the culture through a kind of mental osmosis.  I was committed to this […]

Erosophia Podcast #4: Circumcision

In this episode of the newly relaunched Erosophia Podcast, Jason, William, Devin, and Joia talk about circumcision. News 1. Rape case in Ohio 2. Kansas’s Strip Clubs 3. Sentencing of the “Cannibal Cop” Follow-Up Questions “Do you think that there certain sex acts, or certain aspects of sex acts, that are naturally dominant and submissive? I […]