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Erosophia Podcast #8: Bisexuality

In this episode of the Erosophia Podcast, Jason, William, Devin, Joia and a special guest talk about bisexuality. Personal News Eros and Ethos update: Part 1 is done at 110 single spaced pages and more than 58,000 words!  Really excited that it’s coming along. Chapter 8 is almost done and writing is going so much […]

Question: The Moral Hazard of Bisexuality

by Jason Stotts I love getting questions from readers, even though  I don’t always feature them on Erosophia.  This question is one that many people probably have, so I thought I’d share it and my response for those of you who won’t ask, but still want to know. Today’s question is on the moral hazard […]

Aporia: Sexual Orientation

by Jason Stotts Aporia (Ancient Greek: ἀπορɛία: impasse; lack of resources; puzzlement; doubt; confusion) In philosophy, a philosophical puzzle or state of puzzlement;  In rhetoric, a rhetorically useful expression of doubt. Sexual orientation is a confusing subject.  So confusing that some people have taken to the idea that your sexual orientation is whatever you want it to be, that whatever you self-identify as […]

Assorted News

by Jason Stotts Sometimes when I see an interesting news story, I file it away and plan to talk about it here, on Erosophia. From time to time, people also send me interesting links and some of these are so interesting, that I want to share them. Unfortunately, sometimes I also end up with a […]

Bisexual Invisibility and Coming Out Bi

by Jason Stotts In a recent column, Dan Savage argues that more bisexuals should come out of the closet so that they can be out in the open as part of society and can live their lives with integrity as who they really are.  I fully agree with Dan about this point.  All too many […]

Formspring Question: Changing Sexual Orientation

Q: Is there any way for someone to change his or her sexual orientation (ex. gay to straight)? A: This is another very difficult question.  The answer is yes and no. First, in order to understand whether this is possible, we need to understand what a sexual orientation is.  It is, in fact, a rather […]


by Jason Stotts The always interesting Violet Blue (obviously her real name) has a new post up about bisexuality and how it can be hard to be bi in today’s world. Understanding bisexuality is not as straightforward as being straight, and while understanding queerness of any stripe engenders compassion and tolerance, it’s more commonly understood […]

Bisexual Species

by Jason Stotts Scientific American has a really interesting article up called “Bisexual Species” which deals with the subject of bisexuality in animals that is worth a read. One thing that I think is seriously inhibiting research in this area is the current idea that there are two rigid categories of sexual orientation: “homosexual” and […]