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Help Save California’s Nude Beaches

by Jason Stotts Nude beaches in California have been under attack and many historically nude beaches have lost their designation.  The state of California is now wasting taxpayer money patrolling these beaches and citing people for nudity.  This is a travesty.  As I wrote in my essay on nude beaches, being nude in nature, especially […]

California’s Prop 8

by Jason Stotts In a wonderful turn of events, a federal judge has ruled that Prop 8 is unconstitutional. In the majority opinion, Circuit Judges Stephen Reinhardt and Michael Daly Hawkins noted that they were speaking only to Proposition 8, and that other states would have to decide the issue of marriage themselves. “For now, […]

California Nude Beaches in the News

by Jason Stotts (Picture Source: Wikimedia-Commons) Apparently someone in the California Parks Department has decided that they’ve had enough with nude beaches and are trying to ban nudity on the beaches.  This, of course, has the nudist and naturist organizations up in arms trying to prevent this from happening.  The USA Today has an article […]

My First Nude Beach

by Jason Stotts There is something truly liberating about being naked outside. I found this out when I went to my first nude beach, San Onofre in southern California, not too long ago. There is something so natural about being, well au natural, at the beach. Instead of spending all my time making sure my […]