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Sexual Distinctions: Candaulism, Cuckold, Threesomes

by Jason Stotts In this post, I want to draw some distinctions between different, but somewhat similar, sexual practices. Candaulism Candaulism is a term that comes to us from the Greek myth of King Candaules. In the myth, the king surreptitiously reveals his wife to one of his ministers. The sexual practice, then, is when […]

Sexual Etymology: Sadism, Masochism, and Candaulism

by Jason Stotts Today’s words are all etymologically interesting as they are not derived from other languages, but as a reference to the names of their originators. Sadism – the enjoyment of another’s pain or suffering, usually in a sexual context. ┬áThe name is a reference to the Marquis de Sade, author of 120 Days […]