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Capitalism and the Death of Writing

by Jason Stotts Writing is hard.  Not only is it hard to string words together into sentences that people want to read, it’s hard to express your thoughts clearly in writing.  You can think you have a great grasp of an idea until the moment you go to write about it, only to find that […]

I, Pencil: The Movie

by Jason Stotts One of the things that I think people often fail to understand about markets is that literally every good is affected by every other.  A change in the price of oil will change the price of wool.  A regulation about coffee in Brazil will change the price of cars in America.  Everything […]

Happy Earth Day!

by Jason Stotts How can we hope to have healthy and successful lives, including sex lives, if we feel shame at the things that are necessary to maintain our society?  If you don’t support free markets, then you don’t support freedom of the individual and it’s only a matter of time before someone will be along to […]