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It’s About Time

by Jason Stotts Many people don’t know this, but it is a felony in most places for an underage person to send a nude picture of themselves to another person (manufacturing, possession, and distribution of child pornography) or for any person to receive such a picture (possession of child pornography). ┬áThis has landed more than […]

Australia and the Hatred of Sex

by Jason Stotts Australia is in the news again as they continue to become more anti-sex and move to censorship in an attempt to suppress information in their country. After their China-esque firewall (see “Australia Following China’s Lead?“) failed, they’ve now pressured ISP’s to do the blocking themselves: Starting next month, the vast majority of […]

Religion Kills Over Sex Again

by Jason Stotts Unequivocally, the greatest and most harmful result of the irrationality of religion is its hatred, absolute and unmitigated, of sex. There is nothing religion hates more than our human nature, especially our sexual nature. Religion arises as an answer to fundamental psychological needs, among these needs are those for psychological continuity and […]

It’s About Time!

by Jason Stotts ACLU Sues Prosecutor Over ‘Sexting’ Child Porn Charges I think that many prosecutors around the country are being ridiculous in their application of “child pornography laws” to issues where a teen has taken a picture of herself and sent it to one of her friends. The original justification for these laws was […]

Another Reason I Hate Ohio

by Jason Stotts Recently in Newark Ohio, a 15 year old girl was charged with a felony. Her crime? She took nudes photos of herself. (link) In this case, the State of Ohio, in its beneficence, will be representing the victim: that is, the girl who victimized herself, when she took nude pictures of herself. […]