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Stephen Fry on god

by Jason Stotts Stephen Fry gives an amazing answer to a question about the christian god:

Polysexuality and Cultural Acceptability

The current US population is 313,914,040 people, 313 million people. If you put all those polysexual people in one state it would be the 5th most populated state in the US. That those 5% of the US population, those 1 in 20 people feel ashamed at their desires and feel like they’ll be rejected by society at large. There are more polysexuals than gay people.

Assorted News

by Jason Stotts 1. Sara Reedy wins in Court A woman gets raped during a robbery, accused of the theft, and then jailed.  She filed suit against the police and eventually wins.  Her case is alarming and worth reading if you aren’t familiar with it. 2. The GOP is still Advocating Rape I discussed Todd […]

Dan Savage Versus the Christians

by Jason Stotts One of the things I hate most about christianity, and there is oh so much I hate about it, is the christian propensity to find offense in everything they don’t like and to feel indignation when they are rebuffed: their feeling that they are always right and everyone else is always wrong. […]

The Hunger Games

by Jason Stotts The movie The Hunger Games has been doing exceptionally well in the box office and it’s no surprise.  The Hunger Games are poignant, dramatic, and moving.  It is the story of children caught up in the machine of an all powerful government who controls the very lives of its citizens and kills […]

Christianity Killing Gays Again, This Time in Uganda

by Jason Stotts As the result of the effort of christian evangelicals spreading their anti-gay nonsense, Uganda is becoming an even less hospitable place for gays.  Last week, gays rights activist David Kato was killed in order to silence his message that homosexuality is not an abomination. On Wednesday afternoon, Mr. Kato was beaten to […]

Shattered Illusions

by Jason Stotts There is no god. There is no “after life.” We will all die. Once one comes to accept each of these truths, to accept them as absolutely true and internalize them as completely real, a curious situation arises. The problem can best be called the “existential crisis” – but really, it’s only […]