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Dan Savage: Gay Advice For Straight Couples

by Jason Stotts Sent in by a reader: Dan Savage: Gay Advice For Straight Couples from The Dish on Vimeo. I don’t always agree with Dan Savage, but I think he’s definitely worth listening to and often has exceptional advice.

PSA: Cleanliness

by Jason Stotts I really feel like I shouldn’t have to write this post, but I fear that all too many people don’t understand basic hygiene well enough that it’s warranted. One of my readers pointed out that in a Savage Love podcast sometime back (Episode 188 at the 5:30 mark) a man had a question about his […]

Dan Savage Versus the Christians

by Jason Stotts One of the things I hate most about christianity, and there is oh so much I hate about it, is the christian propensity to find offense in everything they don’t like and to feel indignation when they are rebuffed: their feeling that they are always right and everyone else is always wrong. […]

Savage U

by Jason Stotts I never thought that I might live to see the day that I said MTV has a good show on the air.  Today is, however, that day.  They’ve enlisted Dan Savage, who’s advice on relationships and sex is superb (even if some of his politics are disagreeable), to travel the country to […]

Dan Savage on STI’s

by Jason Stotts I’m a big fan of Dan Savage’s podcast “Savage Love.”  While there are some things I find distasteful, he is a staunch democrat and very socialist leaning, on sexual issues we largely agree.  Even though we have differences, I think there is great value in his podcast and I recommend that people […]

Bisexual Invisibility and Coming Out Bi

by Jason Stotts In a recent column, Dan Savage argues that more bisexuals should come out of the closet so that they can be out in the open as part of society and can live their lives with integrity as who they really are.  I fully agree with Dan about this point.  All too many […]

It Gets Better

by Jason Stotts I realized that I haven’t yet said anything about Dan Savage’s “It Gets Better” project on YouTube and his book that just came out.  In case you haven’t heard of it, the project is intended to help LGBT… youth overcome the bullying and harassment of middle school and high school and to […]