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Bailey Amendment to Remove Unconstitutional Laws

by Jason Stotts I recently listened to Diana Hsieh’s interview of Stephen Bailey on Limiting Government by Constitutional Amendment, which I recommend you listen to.  The topic of the show was Bailey’s idea to amend the constitution to allow challenges of any law on constitutional grounds to come from any citizen, obviating the onerous conditions under […]

Mistakes Couples Make about Sex: Philosophy in Action Interview with Diana Hsieh

by Jason Stotts Last night I was interviewed on Diana Hsieh’s Blog Talk Radio show Philosophy in Action and we talked for about an hour on issues in sexual ethics and four common mistakes that couples make about sex.  It was really interesting being interviewed.  I’ve been writing for many years now, I’ve presented at multiple […]

Live Interview on Philosophy in Action

by Jason Stotts I’m being interviewed on Diana Hsieh’s Philosophy in Action Talk Radio show on Wednesday night at 6PM PST/9PM EST on the topic of on “Mistakes Couples Make about Sex” and then we’re going to answer your questions live. You can also email (Jason-at-JasonStotts.com), facebook message, or tweet (@jstotts) me questions and we’ll answer […]