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Help Me go to Grad School

by Jason Stotts I started a GoFundMe campaign to help me go to grad school, which you can find at http://www.gofundme.com/jasonstotts. It feels rather strange, virtually coming to you with metaphoric hat in hand, but I need your help. Since I graduated college I’ve been working in retail jobs to keep the bills paid while writing […]

Birthdays and Gratitude

by Jason Stotts My very first blog post was nearly 8 years ago on May 8th, 2005, meaning that Erosophia is about to turn eight. My own birthday is in exactly two weeks and I’ll be turning 30.  As far as birthdays go, 30 is an interesting one: you’re definitely an adult and have been for […]


by Jason Stotts This is Erosophia’s 725th post.  Can you believe it?  I know I can’t.  When I first started blogging, I had no idea it would become a big part of my life.  It’s funny how what seems like a small decision can turn out to be momentous looking back. Anyway, this post isn’t […]

Reminder: COSCon Speech Still for Sale

by Jason Stotts In case you’re still interested in procuring a copy of the speech I read at COSCon, or simply donating to help cover my travel costs to the Chicago Conference, copies of my speech are still available.   I’m offering a copy of the extended version of the speech I read for anyone who […]

Chicago Minicon

by Jason Stotts I want to thank everyone who attended my lecture over the weekend at COSCon.  I hope that everyone found it interesting and engaging.  If you’re interested in further readings, I recommend starting with the following: 1. “Of Living Death,” The Objectivist.  Especially 530-531. (Or: The Voice of Reason, 46-63.) 2. “Francisco’s Sex Speech,” from Atlas Shrugged, […]

Help! Chicago Minicon

by Jason Stotts I just found out that due to Paul Hsieh’s injury, neither he nor Diana will be attending the Chicago Minicon.  Consequently, there are two open spots and the organizers have asked if I would like to fill one of them.  Obviously, I would love to, but that’s where you come in!  I […]

Sexual Ethics and Objectivism (Update)

by Jason Stotts I’ve decided that I will no longer be accepting orders for mailed hard copies.  Anyone who has already contacted me about getting one or who has already ordered one, will still receive theirs. If you haven’t ordered a copy yet, the PDF version is only $12.50 (you can take 10% off if […]

Sexual Ethics and Objectivism

by Jason Stotts My speech is finally done with my all too many corrections and addenda!  It now weighs in at just over 14,000 words and 31 single spaced pages, which is more than twice the length of the speech presented at ATLOSCon. For anyone who’s already ordered a copy of the speech, I’m going […]