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Reusable Shopping Bags Worthless?

by Jason Stotts Well, perhaps they’re not worthless, but they’re more of a token gesture. The study, published by the UK Environment Agency, found the potential of reusable shopping bags to benefit the environment depends on how many times they are used before being discarded. Real-world data show the bags are currently harming the environment […]

“Green Technology”

by Jason Stotts I think this sums up my view pretty accurately.

Environmentalism is Responsible for the Gulf Oil Spill

by Jason Stotts With everyone throwing blame around for the “BP oil spill,” I would like to take a minute to shine a light on the real culprit: environmentalism and the politicians that support it. BP is out to make a profit on oil. ¬†That’s what they do. ¬†Does anyone actually think they’d be drilling […]