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The Fountainhead’s ‘Rape Scene’: a Case Study of Consensual Non-Consent

by Jason Stotts Overview: The Fountainhead’s “rape scene” is not, in context, a scene of rape at all.  One might even say that Roark could have been given no clearer invitation.  Moreover, we can understand what this kind of thing might look like in the real world through the idea of consensual non-consent. This essay […]

The Tow: A Short Story

by Jason Stotts [Author’s note: this is the first short story I’ve ever written, constructive criticism would be appreciated.] When you’re unemployed, each day is like the last and they end up running into a blur of searching for jobs, submitting resumes, and waiting anxiously for calls from potential employers.  So, when he woke up […]

On The Role of Fiction

by Jason Stotts Fiction serves a unique purpose in our lives: in it we see whole new worlds, new situations, and new people. We experience something that in the ordinary course of our days we do not get to experience in a pure form. We get to experience life in a microcosm, life under a […]