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Best of 2013

by Jason Stotts As we go into Erosophia’s 9th year, let’s take a step back and see what we did in 2013. Last year was a very busy year for me and Erosophia.  Although Erosophia didn’t place in the top 100 Sex Blogs last year, there were still some really great things that happened and […]

A Government For, or Against, The People

by Jason Stotts In honor of Halloween, I recently watched Night of the Living Dead for the first time.  One of the things that really struck me about the movie, which is probably not most people’s response, was just how very different the government’s position was in regards to the people. Night of the Living […]

News and Interesting Links

by Jason Stotts 1. How Tisha Schuller went from environmental activist to industry champion The very interesting account of one woman’s complete reversal on a very controversial issue.  For more real information about fracking, visit Alex Epstein’s Center for Industrial Progress at: http://industrialprogress.com/ 2. Pennsylvania Fracking Study Shows Chemicals Did Not Contaminate Water On a related note: fracking […]

Guns and Crime

by Jason Stotts I hate how everything that becomes politicized becomes covered in layers upon layers of lies and deceptions as people try to bend reality to meet their political agendas.  Frankly, I find it disgusting.  Firearms are definitely one of those topics where people let their emotions run roughshod over their reason and attempt […]

Freedom and Tragedy: The Story of Les Miserables

by Jason Stotts Note: this essay primarily deals with the story of Les Miserables as portrayed in the musical (and consequently film) version, but draws from the book to fill in the gaps in the story.  If you have not seen the film or read the book, you should wait to read this essay until […]

The Forgotten Victims of Gun Control

by Jason Stotts Doesn’t it seem like the Republicans and Democrats have been awkwardly pro-rape lately? A couple of days ago a bunch of satirical posters appeared on Facebook purporting to be from the “Brady Campaign to End Gun Violence,” a principally democratic group that seeks to outlaw guns and remove them completely from American […]

On Guns

by Jason Stotts Recently, I’ve gotten into guns and shooting as a recreation and sport.  This is strange, perhaps, since I developed my interest after I had already moved to California from Ohio (anyone who knows anything about how terrible the guns laws here will appreciate this fact). It’s also strange in that I’ve owned guns […]

“I was Anti-Gun, until I got Stalked”

by Jason Stotts Here’s an interesting article from Salon.com about a woman who was against guns, until she was stalked and had to start carrying a gun in order to protect her life. I told [my boyfriend] a firearm in the house made me nauseous [sic.], that I feared the weapon would be turned on […]