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Question: Marriage without Attraction

by Jason Stotts Here’s an interesting question submitted by a reader recently: Can you base a decision on marriage without sexual attraction and only because you like the persons values and character and for the things he has done for you? Would this marriage last ? I think the answer is obvious: sure, you could, […]

Formspring: Moral Differences between Sex Acts?

by Jason Stotts I received this question recently, which is partly a response to my answer of the last formspring question “When is Sex Appropriate?“.  The question is this: What is the moral difference between manual, oral and vaginal sex? Is there one? Should one’s standards for partners vary for each of these activities? Why […]

Formspring: When is Sex Appropriate?

by Jason Stotts I’ve received another question from Formspring, this one about when it’s appropriate to have sex. When is it an appropriate time in a relationship to have sex? How do you know when one should? I have very little experience in this arena (I’m a 20 year old male in college), and don’t […]

Formspring: Donations

by Jason Stotts Question: If a person is a laissez faire capitalist is it morally acceptable for that person to request or accept altruistic donations to maintain a business venture / lifestyle choice such as this website? Well, yes and no.  The problem is that your question is loaded.  Donations that were actually altruistic, where […]