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Tea and Consent

by Jason Stotts Consent can be a tricky subject to understand, but this video gets it precisely right. (Except the part about putting milk in tea.)

“None of That”

by Jason Stotts Take a look at this very well-done little video. I think it perfectly captures the religious inclination to destroy all that glorifies man in order to appease their resentiment and hatred of human life.

Coffee House Chronicles: Episode 5

by Jason Stotts I’ve posted about it before, but some of my friends are doing a web-series about the realities of gay dating today. This episode touches on pegging, which as you know I’ve written about before at length (On Pegging & On Pegging 2). I have it on good authority that I may even […]

Coffee House Chronicles: Episode 4: Perfect Present

by Jason Stotts Some of my friends are doing a really funny webseries called “Coffee House Chronicles” about gay dating today. It’s really funny and addresses real issues. Check it out!

Humor: Why You Are Circumcised

by Jason Stotts YES! I’ve made these exact arguments over and over. Of course, the ultimate reason is the religious hatred of the body and sexuality, but this video still does an excellent job.

Humor: “Carl Poppa”

by Jason Stotts This is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time.  If you’re a fan of Walking Dead, check it out.

Humor: XKCD “For The Sake of Arguement”

by Jason Stotts This basically sums up my feelings on arguing for the sake of arguing.

Humor: Pornhub Valentines

by Jason Stotts What do you get when you combine Pornhub comments with Valentines Day cards?  Comedy gold. http://pornhubcommentsonvalentines.com/ A couple of my favorites: The baby soup?!   WTF is an “anal squelch”?  Actually, I don’t want to know.   This one is epic on so many levels.   OMFG, who calls it a dingle?