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Reminder: Practical Sexuality Workshop in San Diego

by Jason Stotts Just a reminder that I’ll be presenting my Practical Sexuality Workshop in just two weeks in San Diego on July 3rd at 8:00pm.  We’re going to discuss some anatomy, orgasm play, and anal play.  Afterword, there will be a Q&A where you can ask any questions you want. You can register on […]

Practical Sexuality Workshop at OCON

by Jason Stotts Since my practical sexuality workshop was such a hit in Atlanta for ATLOSCon, I’m coming to San Diego and presenting the workshop while OCON is in town.  This won’t be an official OCON event, but it will be held in the same area the conference is being held at. The class will […]

ATLOSCon 2012

by Jason Stotts The Atlanta Objectivist Society’s Mini-Conference ATLSOCon is coming up in just a couple of days and I’m really excited to be going again and presenting not only a class during ATLSOCon proper, but also a special workshop on practical sexual techniques (no, it’s not an orgy).  If you haven’t already registered, you should […]

ATLOSCon 2012

by Jason Stotts The registration for ATLOSCon 2012 in Atlanta is now live!  That means it’s time for you to register for my class and my workshop on sex.  Oh, you didn’t know that you’d be able to see me speaking live this year?  Well, read on. This year at ATLOSCon I’m going to be […]

SoCal Objectivists Lecture

by Jason Stotts Just a reminder for everyone that my SoCal Objectivists lecture is this saturday night!  If you want to see me speak live for free, this is your chance!  We do ask that you RSVP, instructions and details can be found here. Automatically Generated Related Posts:Conclusion to Contra Peikoff on Rape?SoCal Objectivist LectureQuestion: […]

SoCal Objectivist Lecture

by Jason Stotts For anyone who is in the Southern California area and who wants to hear me speak, I’ll be giving a live lecture in two weeks, on Saturday February 11th, in Riverside California.  Details can be found at www.SoCalObjectivists.com. Automatically Generated Related Posts:Chicago MiniconSexual Ethics and Objectivism (Update)Sexual Ethics and ObjectivismATLOSCon 2012ATLOSCon 2012

SoCal Objectivists Meeting #2

by Jason Stotts This is just a reminder that the next meeting of the SoCal Objectivists is fast approaching.  We’re having it at 7:30pm on Saturday October 15th.  The location is still TBD, but will be in the OC area (if you know a good location, please let us know right away).  Don Watkins, of […]

Chicago Minicon

by Jason Stotts I want to thank everyone who attended my lecture over the weekend at COSCon.  I hope that everyone found it interesting and engaging.  If you’re interested in further readings, I recommend starting with the following: 1. “Of Living Death,” The Objectivist.  Especially 530-531. (Or: The Voice of Reason, 46-63.) 2. “Francisco’s Sex Speech,” from Atlas Shrugged, […]