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Radically Candid Interview: Tackling Polysexuality

by Jason Stotts I was interviewed by the Radically Candid Podcast again recently and the show is now up! As is always the case with Radically Candid, we talked about a lot of different topics, but we primarily talked about polysexuality and various issues as related to it.  It was a lot of fun recording […]

On Polysexuality (Revised)

by Jason Stotts   Summary: Our language related to sex must be expanded to capture all of the variations that we see in real life.  And we need to understand this because sex is good and a valuable part of a human life.  The way we structure our relationships and sex lives has a lot of optionality […]

Same-Sex Marriage and the Supreme Court

by Jason Stotts I’ve been busy getting the podcast together and getting ready for another interview with Radically Candid today.  However, I want everyone to know (like you wouldn’t already know this), that Erosophia fully supports same-sex marriage and will continue to fight the philosophical battles related to same-sex marriage and just gays being treated like […]

On Companionate Marriages

by Jason Stotts There are lots of different kinds of marriages, and I don’t just mean same-sex marriages, poly-marriages, and other “non-traditional” marriages.  There are different ways to have just “regular” old marriages between two people.  One kind of marriage is a romantic marriage where two partners intertwine their lives and share a high level […]

Illinois One Step Closer to Same-Sex Marriage

by Jason Stotts As a special Valentine’s Day present, the Illinois Senate today passed a bill to make same-sex marriage legal in Illinois: Under the measure, marriage officially would be changed in state law from an act between a man and a woman to two people. The legislation explicitly says nothing in the proposed law […]

Question: Marriage without Attraction

by Jason Stotts Here’s an interesting question submitted by a reader recently: Can you base a decision on marriage without sexual attraction and only because you like the persons values and character and for the things he has done for you? Would this marriage last ? I think the answer is obvious: sure, you could, […]

Same-Sex Marriage

by Jason Stotts The thing that many people forget about same-sex marriage is that it’s…just marriage. Marriage should be about love and love takes many forms.

Letter from a Reader

by Jason Stotts I rarely get comments on my blog.  Even more rarely do I get letters from readers.  Thus, sometimes I feel like I’m writing Erosophia for myself, like I have no readers.  Not that I actually believe it, since I know that I actually have thousands, but that I get burnt out on […]