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Interesting Links

by Jason Stotts Here’s some interesting links that you should take a look at.  If you only check out one, read Dr. Marty Klein’s essay about sex addiction.  I am in whole-hearted agreement with him that sex addiction is not a real thing and will be writing more about it soon. 1. You’re Addicted to What? by […]

Assorted News

by Jason Stotts 1. You May be More Transparent than you Think  One study from Duke University estimated that habits, rather than conscious decision-making, shape 45 percent of the choices we make every day, and recent discoveries have begun to change everything from the way we think about dieting to how doctors conceive treatments for […]

Assorted News

by Jason Stotts 1. Sex by Numbers – an interesting look into the growing polyamory movement. The article is well written and seems well researched.  It’s worth a read if you’re interested in learning a little more about polyamory. Over the past decade, polyamory has gone from being a fringe trend to a bona fide scene […]

Assorted News

by Jason Stotts I’ve been behind on a number of things recently, but I’m finally getting caught up.  These are some of the news stories that I’ve been meaning to blog about as they came up, but didn’t get a chance to yet. 1. Female Ejaculation: The Long Road to Non-Discovery A very nice in-depth […]

Anthem: The Graphic Novel?

by Jason Stotts I’m subscribed to the Ayn Rand Bookstore’s newsletter to make sure that I stay abreast of new and interesting Objectivist books as they’re published.  Today, I got an update that Anthem is going to be published as a graphic novel. The novel apparently stars Link and Zelda and although Link has the […]