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On Polysexuality (3/5)

by Jason Stotts The Value of Polysexuality Now that we have seen polysexuality is natural, you might be tempted to stop here and insist that since it is natural, that is a sufficient reason to want to engage in it.  Perhaps it is; on the other hand, naturalness is not a very compelling reason to […]

On Polysexuality (2/5)

by Jason Stotts Isn’t Polysexuality Unnatural? Before we begin our moral analysis, we must address the claim that polysexuality is unnatural, as it is the most common objection to polysexuality and the foundation of most objections to it.  However, what is the evidence that humans are naturally monosexual?  That some cultures are?  Others are not.  […]

On Polysexuality (1/5)

by Jason Stotts Introduction Following my essay “Contra Peikoff on Swinging,” I wanted to write a defense of “non-monogamy.”  I couldn’t do it.  It wasn’t the subject that was the problem; instead it was the very concept, which was particularly ill suited to my endeavors.  First, it presupposes that monogamy is the standard and that […]

On Polysexuality Overview

by Jason Stotts Since issuing my call for readers for my new essay on polysexuality yesterday, I have since changed my mind and I have decided to go ahead and publish the essay in what I am going to call its polished second draft form.  I want to thank those who helped me by reading […]