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Objectivist Blog Carnival

Welcome to the April 19, 2012 edition of the Objectivist Round Up and the 13th time that Erosophia has hosted. This week I want to put up three quotes to remind everyone that nothing should be outside the purview of reason: “Tell me what a man finds sexually attractive and I will tell you his […]

ATLOSCon 2012

by Jason Stotts The registration for ATLOSCon 2012 in Atlanta is now live!  That means it’s time for you to register for my class and my workshop on sex.  Oh, you didn’t know that you’d be able to see me speaking live this year?  Well, read on. This year at ATLOSCon I’m going to be […]

Assorted News

by Jason Stotts 1. A lot of people don’t realize this, but Penn and Teller are Objectivists.  It’s obvious if you ever see their live show (which is fantastic) and even explicitly says so in their program.  The other day I noticed Teller tweet the following: A big thank you to Jason Crawford for making […]

Conclusion to Contra Peikoff on Rape?

by Jason Stotts It’s easy enough to make mistakes.  It is not so easy, however, to admit it when you do so and act to correct your mistake.  Admirably, Leonard Peikoff has done just that, recanting his earlier position on rape, saying: I want to correct a significant error I have made in an earlier […]

The Undercurrent

by Jason Stotts The new edition of the Undercurrent is out!  Check out their release below. The newest edition of The Undercurrent is now available to order, and will arrive on your doorstep in the middle of March! In this issue, we will look at issues ranging from the effect of government involvement in education […]

Follow-up to Contra Peikoff on Rape

by Jason Stotts Amy Peikoff has now weighed in on Leonard Peikoff’s statement about rape from his recent podcast and I agree with her assessment.  She also says she finds it interesting that no one has commented on the rest of what he said about rape.  I know that for me, there was no reason […]

SoCal Objectivists Lecture

by Jason Stotts Just a reminder for everyone that my SoCal Objectivists lecture is this saturday night!  If you want to see me speak live for free, this is your chance!  We do ask that you RSVP, instructions and details can be found here.

Contra Peikoff on Rape

by Jason Stotts I think that Leonard Peikoff has done some great things for Objectivism, he is like a demi-Aquinas, but when he talks about sex and sexual issues, it makes me really sad.  Frankly, his position on rape is both disgraceful and disgusting. I don’t know how anyone of good moral character or intelligence could […]