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PSA: How to Measure Your Penis

by Jason Stotts I sometimes see pictures of men measuring their penises in all sorts of wrong ways. While you can measure it however you want, it’s not helpful to anyone. It’s like measuring your height while standing on your toes: it’s just not the right way to measure this. So, how do you measure your penis? You […]

The Truth about Penis Size and Enhancement

by Jason Stotts It’s hard to be on the internet anymore without seeing ads for “penis enhancement” or techniques for making your penis bigger.  This, of course, is advertisement at its most effective: playing to insecurities about sex.  From watching porn, all men know that the average penis size is 8-9″ and so when they […]


by Jason Stotts Scientific American recently had a good article on pornography called “The Sunny Side of Smut.” It’s one of those rare articles about porn that actually looks to the facts, instead of rationalistically condemning porn for its imagined detriments like many feminists and religious people are wont to do. In fact, the article […]