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Hugh Hefner

by Jason Stotts It saddened me today to learn that Hugh Hefner died last night. I have written about Hefner before (link) and his role in both civil rights and sexual freedoms. Hefner was a great pioneer in the sexual field and really helped to change our culture for the better with respect to sexuality. […]

News and Assorted Articles

by Jason Stotts 1. FDA Overturns 30-year Ban on Blood Donations by Gay Men Well, sort of… Yesterday, the FDA decided that gay men (or any men who have sex with men) are allowed to donate blood IF they have not had sex with a man in the last 12 months. I guess this is […]

Playboy is Now Casting Season 3 of Swing

By Jason Stotts For those of you who are interested, Playboy has green-lighted Season 3 of Swing and is starting casting for it: If you’ve seen the show, you know how fantastic it is. We’ll be back, as will Michael and Holli, Ashley and Early, and lots of other Kasidie members you’ve grown to love […]

Playboy’s Swing – Season 2

by Jason Stotts I get a lot of questions related to Playboy’s TV show “Swing” after putting up an episode of it last year.  The questions are mostly if I have access to other free episodes (I don’t) and if I know if there will be a second season.  Well, I’m happy to say that […]

Playboy’s Swing Season 2

by Jason Stotts I found out recently from Kasidie that Playboy TV is currently having a casting call for new people for the second season of their reality TV show “Swing.”  I talked about it briefly in February (link), but I think it’s grew that Playboy is trying to show swinging in a realistic light […]

Playboy TV’s “Swing”

by Jason Stotts Playboy TV just started a new reality TV show called “Swing” about the lifestyle.  What’s funny is that I actually know some of the people on the show, Ashely and Early, as they’re friends of friends.  It’s interesting to see people you know on a reality TV show and it’s even more […]