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A Government For, or Against, The People

by Jason Stotts In honor of Halloween, I recently watched Night of the Living Dead for the first time.  One of the things that really struck me about the movie, which is probably not most people’s response, was just how very different the government’s position was in regards to the people. Night of the Living […]

The Corruption of The Obama Administration

by Jason Stotts It should be clear to my readers that I have no love for our current president (nor for our last one, for that matter).  I talked about some of my problems in “Obama and the Path to Tyranny” and now even more more people are fed up with the administration. Buzzfeed has […]

Help Save California’s Nude Beaches

by Jason Stotts Nude beaches in California have been under attack and many historically nude beaches have lost their designation.  The state of California is now wasting taxpayer money patrolling these beaches and citing people for nudity.  This is a travesty.  As I wrote in my essay on nude beaches, being nude in nature, especially […]

Rape and the Magical Female Body

by Jason Stotts By now I’m sure you’ve heard about Representative Todd Akin (R-MO).  He’s pretty “famous” for saying: “It seems to me, from what I understand from doctors, [abortion in the case of rape is] really rare,” Akin told Charles Jaco of KTVI. “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to […]

Presidential Candidates and Liberty

by Jason Stotts As the caucuses (cauci?) and debates heat up, it is important to look through the political rhetoric and to remember to think in principles.  To that end I want to suggest that people take a look at the ACLU’s “Campaign Report Card,” where they rank each of the Republican and Libertarian candidates […]

Starbucks Doesn’t Get It

by Jason Stotts I was surprised to find an e-mail from Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz this morning in my inbox.  I was even more surprised by it after I read the message: September 2011 Dear Starbucks Friend and Fellow Citizen: I love our country. And I am a beneficiary of the promise of America. But […]

Gary Johnson

by Jason Stotts I detest the politics is done in America today.  It is nothing but the pandering of vacuous politicians to pressure groups who can see no farther than their own desires and who are willing to enslave others to meet their myopic ends.  It is a race between a party who wants to […]

“Unexpected” Outcomes

by Jason Stotts Pajamas Media recently ran an op-ed by Paul Hsieh called “Why the ‘Unexpected’ Keeps Happening.”  I highly recommend this article and I think that more people should consider that when theories consistently fail to predict what will happen in reality (socialism, Keynesian economics), we should abandon these theories as obviously false. If […]