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News and Other Interesting Things

by Jason Stotts 1. Scientists Celebrate the Weird World of Animal Genitalia Have you ever wondered what penises look like throughout the animal kingdom? Well, it’s your lucky day. (NSFW? Article on WaPo; more on Twitter) 2. How Many Scientists Does It Take to Write a Paper? Apparently, Thousands  In less than a decade, Dr. Aad, […]

Erosophia Podcast #18: Sex Work and Prostitution

In this episode of the Erosophia Podcast, Jason, Devin, William, and Joia, interview philosopher Ole Martin Moen about sex work and prostitution. Sponsor: Kasidie Get a free 90 day trial by signing up with the banner link!  Make sure to friend us on Kasidie (Erosophia) and check out our group: http://www.kasidie.com/communities/Erosophia Today’s Topic: Sex Work and Prostitution […]

Erosophia Podcast #17: Sex Work and Erotic Dancing

In this episode of the Erosophia Podcast, Jason, Devin, William, and Joia, discuss sex work and erotic dancing. News Botched Circumcision Question I need advice on how to establish a sexually active lifestyle. I am a virgin in my mid-twenties who lives with his parents and can’t have a partner over for complicated reasons I don’t […]

News: Some Interesting and Some Weird

by Jason Stotts 1. Reason has an interesting article up right now: “The War on Sex Workers.”  Anyone who claims to be for the rights of women, but think that women who sell sex aren’t real people are simply deluding themselves.  Whether selling sex is moral or not, it should still be legal and those […]

Save the Sex Workers

by Jason Stotts This is a little too late in the day to be practical, but I wanted to call attention to it anyway.  Apparently December 17th is “End Violence Against Sex Workers Day,” which is something I can get behind.: December 17th is the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. This event […]


by Jason Stotts Someone asked me at ATLOSCon what I thought about prostitution and I’m glad that I didn’t get asked the question during my lecture.  I think I gave a pretty good answer to their question, but it’s one of those questions that I have not spent enough time thinking about to give a […]

Sex Workers to Gain Rights in US?

by Jason Stotts Apparently last week the US delegation to the UN affirmed a commitment (political speech for: promising, in a non-binding way, of, perhaps, at some point in the future, if things work out, and people remember and hold them to it) that sex workers in the US will receive some legal protection (link). […]

A Scholar and a Prostitute?

by Jason Stotts Europe and Me Magazine has published an interesting article called “Prostitution as as Student Job.” The article discusses the rise of prostitution as a way that many female students are paying their way through college and grad school. The common theme in the article is that the women are turning to prostitution […]