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Guns and Crime

by Jason Stotts I hate how everything that becomes politicized becomes covered in layers upon layers of lies and deceptions as people try to bend reality to meet their political agendas.  Frankly, I find it disgusting.  Firearms are definitely one of those topics where people let their emotions run roughshod over their reason and attempt […]

The Forgotten Victims of Gun Control

by Jason Stotts Doesn’t it seem like the Republicans and Democrats have been awkwardly pro-rape lately? A couple of days ago a bunch of satirical posters appeared on Facebook purporting to be from the “Brady Campaign to End Gun Violence,” a principally democratic group that seeks to outlaw guns and remove them completely from American […]

On Guns

by Jason Stotts Recently, I’ve gotten into guns and shooting as a recreation and sport.  This is strange, perhaps, since I developed my interest after I had already moved to California from Ohio (anyone who knows anything about how terrible the guns laws here will appreciate this fact). It’s also strange in that I’ve owned guns […]

Arizona Officially Honors the Second Amendment

by Jason Stotts The state of Arizona has just passed a law that allows any citizen over the age of 21 to legally carry any weapon they own on their person, whether concealed or open.  I think this is great and I imagine that crime will be doing down pretty rapidly. (AP article on Yahoo!) […]