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The Olympics of Sex

by Jason Stotts Nothing brings the world together like sex. Olympic Village Tour: See Where The Athletes Live, Train And Fuck Each Other

On Polysexuality (Revised)

by Jason Stotts   Summary: Our language related to sex must be expanded to capture all of the variations that we see in real life.  And we need to understand this because sex is good and a valuable part of a human life.  The way we structure our relationships and sex lives has a lot of optionality […]

Mistakes Couples Make about Sex: Philosophy in Action Interview with Diana Hsieh

by Jason Stotts Last night I was interviewed on Diana Hsieh’s Blog Talk Radio show Philosophy in Action and we talked for about an hour on issues in sexual ethics and four common mistakes that couples make about sex.  It was really interesting being interviewed.  I’ve been writing for many years now, I’ve presented at multiple […]

Review: The Selfish Path to Romance

by Jason Stotts I don’t do a lot of book reviews here on Erosophia, it’s not because I don’t read much, in fact I read several books a month, but rather that most books that I read while good, are either not worth putting the effort into reviewing or are so horribly mixed that it’s […]

Conclusion to Contra Peikoff on Rape?

by Jason Stotts It’s easy enough to make mistakes.  It is not so easy, however, to admit it when you do so and act to correct your mistake.  Admirably, Leonard Peikoff has done just that, recanting his earlier position on rape, saying: I want to correct a significant error I have made in an earlier […]

SoCal Objectivists Lecture

by Jason Stotts Just a reminder for everyone that my SoCal Objectivists lecture is this saturday night!  If you want to see me speak live for free, this is your chance!  We do ask that you RSVP, instructions and details can be found here.

More CollegeHumor Goodness

by Jason Stotts I just recently got done watching the Battlestar Galactica series and while some of it was really interesting, it was overshadowed by way too much religion and mysticism driving the plot (in fact that’s all that drives the plot).  This video sums up how I feel about BSG: This video “Why Sex […]


by Jason Stotts Sometimes I get a little depressed about my work here on Erosophia and on my book-in-progress Eros and Ethos. It’s not that I’m not proud of what I’m doing, because I am. But sometimes it seems like I’m not getting anywhere. My progress on Eros and Ethos is moving at a snail’s […]