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Erosophia Podcast #15: No fap & the Phallus-y of Sexual Addiction

In this (very late) episode of the Erosophia Podcast, Jason, William, and Joia, discuss the idea of “no fap” and sex addiction. News 1. Margaret Cho is in an open relationship. 2. 10 Year old girl arrested for rape. 3. Teens kill Australian Baseball player “for fun.” 4. The Rise of Minimalist Sex Apps. 5. Gay Sex […]

News and Interesting Links

by Jason Stotts 1. How Tisha Schuller went from environmental activist to industry champion The very interesting account of one woman’s complete reversal on a very controversial issue.  For more real information about fracking, visit Alex Epstein’s Center for Industrial Progress at: http://industrialprogress.com/ 2. Pennsylvania Fracking Study Shows Chemicals Did Not Contaminate Water On a related note: fracking […]